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Personal Banking

We believe that money should serve people, not the other way around. So we’re building a better future with our customers by building a better banking system: Beneficial Banking. The future we’re creating together will strengthen our local communities, improve quality of life for each of us, and be reflected in widespread gains in social equity and environmental renewal.

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PositiveChange Checking Accounts

Our personal checking accounts are designed for a range of customers and include online and mobile banking.

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PositiveChange Saving Accounts

Add a savings account and enjoy overdraft protection transfers to your checking account for no additional fee. Plan for the future and reach your financial goals.

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Values-driven Credit Cards

Our improved values-driven credit card program is launching soon, sign up to get more information.

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Our Bank 

Beneficial State Bank (Beneficial State) opened in 2007 under a unique foundation ownership model and has 17 local branches throughout California, Oregon and Washington. We offer checking, savings, loans, credit cards, online and mobile banking and everything else you’d expect from a bank—but we exist to serve your prosperity and goals, not to profit from them. Learn more.

Depositors as Crowdfunders

We celebrate depositors as the original and most important “crowdfunders” because they provide the funding to make loans possible. Through our mission-driven lending practice, our depositors know their money is helping to build the fully inclusive, environmentally regenerative, racially, and gender-just, world we all want to see. Learn more about moving your money.

Our Harm to None Approach

It’s not good enough to do good. We also must do our best to avoid the bad. If we help to build 500 affordable houses while supporting hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) that pollutes the wells near these homes, we will have unraveled the good we’ve done. Banks must be just as committed to avoiding harm as they are to supporting good. Learn more about our impact here.